Kuching Photo Gallery
Photos by Alfred Molon

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These are photos from Kuching. For those of you who've been to Kuching, they might bring back memories — and for those still planning a visit, they should give a short visual introduction of Kuching town and Sarawak life-style and atmosphere.

Kuching Center

[Kuching Center]

This is the town center with cat statues, surrounded by the three main Kuching shopping malls, the Riverbanks Suites Hotel, and the Kuching Hilton near-by.

Kuching Waterfront

[Kuching Waterfront]

The Kuching Waterfront (or Riverfront) next to Sarawak River. Always something good to eat here. Satay, Ice & Soft Drinks, and Nasi Lemak Kampung.

Kuching Chinese Temple

[Kuching Chinese Temple]

Kuching Statue

[Kuching near Soho]

Also in Kuching center, this cat statue, surrounded by the Soho and Grappa pub, camera shops, a bridal shop, a cyber cafe, and the Joint pub.