Kuching Food
Photos by Wena

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These are photos of typical Kuching food. My favorite, if I'd have to pick one, is Kolo Mee – but in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, there's so much great food you don't have to be picky!

Kolo Mee

[Kolo Mee]

Kolo Mee can be eaten any time of the day, though I preferred to eat it for breakfast, lunch, and diner.

Sarawak Laksa

[Sarawak Laksa]

Sarawak Laksa, or Laksa Sarawak, or just: Laksa. Usually you need to get up early to get the good one, but even the bad one is good (so now imagine how good the good one is)!

Tomato Kwayteow

[Sarawak Laksa]

Trust me, the name Kwayteow (quatch-yow) sounds quite close to something else which is intestines (quatch-yap, if I'm not mistaken). I confused the two dishes on a regular basis. Thank God I like them both!

Hong Kong Mee

[Sarawak Laksa]

Those should be fishballs on the plate, and also there's chili sauce in the background. Those are quite typical for Malysian food.